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# “Imperative Self Analysis” A Representation Of Your Personality Like No Other

Discover Your Imperative Self

“No Results, No Charge”

Did You Know?

The Imperative Self Analysis (ISA) offers a streamlined path to reshape your emotional experiences and guide you toward a more fulfilling life, all within ten sessions. It mirrors the profound transformation typically associated with years of psychoanalysis, yet accomplishes significant alterations in your emotional landscape through focused sessions, without the need for long-term commitment or substantial financial investment.

Beneath the surface of our daily routines lies a complex web of behaviors and rituals that many of us would not immediately recognize as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Yet, these repetitive actions and persistent thoughts are not random; they are deeply ingrained patterns that reflect our innermost compulsions and desires. This is where Imperative Self Analysis (ISA) comes into play, offering a unique lens through which we can view and understand these behaviors and emotions.

You possess a unique emotional palette, a spectrum of 5-7 emotions that you experience almost daily. These emotions are not just fleeting reactions; they are the essence of who you are, driving your behaviors and shaping your identity and health.

If your emotions are generally positive, you are probably uninterested in change. However, if you find yourself with an unwanted palette of emotions, it’s important to know that you can change your Imperative Self in less than 10 sessions. It may sound unbelievable, but it is true and there is a guarantee.

Just as an artist uses a palette to create art, we use our emotional palette to paint our lives. Learn to identify your 5-7 core emotions and understand their impact on your life.

Many of us experienced a pivotal emotional event during our formative years, between the ages of 3 and 6, that has had a lasting impact on our lives. This event left a deep imprint, shaping our perception of the world, guiding our actions within it, and influencing what we hold dear.

Your Journey to Self-Discovery

Begin your transformative journey today by opening the PDF below and checking the 5-7 emotions that you almost experience daily. Make sure you check the emotions rather than the behaviors. This can be a true eye-opener into your inner world. Some clients like to print the list and make 6-7 copies. Every night they go over their day. They circle the experienced emotions. At the end of the week it is easier to notice their 5-7 most common emotions. Notice that these 5-7 emotions have a pattern.

The PDF titled ‘Emotional-States-Menu’ :Emotional-States-Menu-.pdf

The Imperative Self Analysis (ISA)

Developed by Leslie Cameron-Bandler (now Lebeau) over thirty-six year ago, offers a revolutionary approach to therapy. It’s a model that celebrates your individuality, proving that no two people are alike.

Streamlined Therapy

When a potential client contacts me for therapy, I always ask if they are working on one issue or a number of issues. Most of the time they have multiple issues and I recommend this modality. ISA cuts through the noise, targeting the root of emotional distress. It’s a therapeutic shortcut to a healthier emotional life, often achieving significant breakthroughs in the first 2-3 hour session.

Change Your Focus, Change Your Life

It is your Imperative Self that dictates your focus. By understanding and adjusting it, you can transform your emotional landscape.

I have found that, on a personal level, Imperative-Self analysis is a profound and exciting way to truly understand yourself.

Suddenly all of your past and present experiences make sense; you understand HOW your behaviors and experiences are generated through your own unique filter or program.

Just as you can step in front of a mirror to see how you look on the outside, Imperative-Self modeling lets you get a full view of HOW YOU OPERATE on the inside. Most importantly, if the Imperative Self you have been using doesn’t allow fulfillment (happiness),YOU CAN CHANGE IT!

You now have more choices about how to filter your experience. No longer do you have to settle for just allowing the product of your past environments and experiences to determine whether or not you achieve “fulfillment”.

The Core of Your Personality

ISA reveals that our personalities are built upon:

  1. Primary Obsessions: Deep-seated desires formed in childhood that drive our lives.
  2. A Filter: The lens through which we view our experiences, shaped by our obsessions.
  3. A Virtual Question: The subconscious inquiry that governs our reactions and decisions.

Does the IS Elicitation Always Work?

No, the Imperative Self (IS) elicitation doesn’t always yield consistent results. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Medications: Clients taking antipsychotic medications or psychotherapeutic drugs (such as benzodiazepines or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) may experience varying responses during the IS elicitation process. These medications can influence emotional states and perception.
  2. Self-Presentation: Some individuals consciously or unconsciously present themselves in a more positive light. When listing their emotions, they may filter out certain feelings or emphasize others. Our Imperative Selves are always at play.

No Results, No Charge

My innovative model stands apart from traditional therapy by prioritizing tangible outcomes over the number of sessions. If you’re tired of the uncertainty and lack of guarantees, read on to discover how ISA can guide you toward lasting emotional well-being.

Imagine your car billowing smoke, backfiring , and emitting disconcerting noises. When you take it to the repair shop, the manager is unusually forthright: “Our hourly rate is $150,” he states matter-of-factly. “You’ll need to bring your car in weekly so we can establish a working relationship. However, we cannot provide estimates or guarantee our work—even for basic repairs like a flat tire or a dead battery.”

Does this sound familiar? It’s akin to the traditional psychotherapy model. Clients pay per session, regardless of outcomes. But what if there’s a better way?

My Results-Based Fee Structure

I offer a unique payment plan that reflects my confidence in the services I provide.

Your Investment in Your Emotional Transformation: $2,000

This investment covers an elicitation  of your Imperative Self Map and to address and resolve your most prevalent unwanted emotions. I do have a sliding scale based on your income. My goal is to help you experience a life free from these common negative emotions.

Payment Only Upon Success:

You are not required to pay the fee upfront. Instead, payment is due only after you have successfully gone four (4) consecutive weeks without experiencing those most common unwanted emotions you checked on the PDF. This policy ensures that you pay only when you have received the value and results you seek from our work together.

I am committed to your success and stand by my promise to guide you towards a more fulfilling emotional life. I believe out life’s purpose to amass as many positive experiences as possible within our allotted time.

Take the first step: Clint77090@Gmail.Com

I also wrote a more detailed article on this wonderful modality for therapists, and it has an actual audio of an Imperative Self elicitation:


  1. Bill (Age 65)

    I realize that my life will not be without ‘glitches’ here and there – whose isn’t? But it is true that when I look through the list of emotions I presented prior to the ISA session, I cannot find them in a chronic way – if at all.

    When people ask me about how I am now after the session with you, I find it extremely hard to articulate exactly in which way(s) I feel different – but there’s no doubt that in some way, it’s if I’ve been ‘born again’.

  2. Robin Updated in 2022

    These were my most common emotions I experienced from childhood until late May 2021. I am 32 years old. I did the ISA
    and 5 sessions with Clint for a total of 6 hours of therapy:


    These are my most common emotions I now experienced daily during the past fifteen months as of September 2022:


    It is pretty crazy to see the difference in now compared to May 2021! I’m so happy I no longer feel those things! Can’t thank you enough for being part of my healing journey!

    This was Robin’s discovered IS Map on May 28, 2021:



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