The Power of your Mind

For over thirty-six years I have been facilitating what some would call as, “ miracles”. I have always taken exception to that word, because it infers that these healings are unusual or magical. Most of my clients were at first afraid to tell others (to include their doctors) of their changes for fear of being looked upon as being abnormal.

There are three (3) levels of beliefs: belief, doubt, and disbelief. Disbelievers haven’t read this far.There isn’t one client interview in the more than fourteen interviews on my blog that sought a therapy appointment with me and had a belief that it was impossible to heal their presenting problem. Not one! There are many of you reading this posting that know of other amazing things they have done with me in person, over the phone, or on Zoom. Many have doubted, but not one disbelieved, otherwise they wouldn’t made an appointment.

Finally after all these years, the scientific and medical communities are recognizing the power of our mindsets to enhance healing of the mindbody. Only since 1982, did the scientific community recognize the words, “mind & body” belonged together because of a new science called, “Psychoneuroimmunology” or “PNI”). PNI is the study of the effect of the mindbody on health and resistance to disease.

Today most of the Ivy League universities and the world’s highest rated universities to include Stanford and MIT have Mindbody Laboratories. They are studying this amazing thing in our heads that comes without a operating manual – the brain.

I have also done a followup posting of a procedure that you can use to improve your immune response.

This is a 15 minute video that may open your mind to what is possible to others, is also possible for you. Dr. Alia Crum, is the Principal Investigator of the Stanford University Mind & Body Lab:

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