Recommend Books & Links

“Transforming Your Self – To become who you want to be” by Steve Andreas is probably the most important book of this century on “how to” change your self-concept.

A great introduction into “Clean Language” is:

YouTube has many videos on Clean Language.

“Panning for Your Client’s Gold: 12 Clean Language Processes by Gina Campbell.“ A very thorough and easy to understand book for therapists, coaches, and other helping professionals.

Both Sharon Small and Gina Campbell offer online Zoom classes on “Clean Language”.



Windy Sullivan & Paul Field in the UK also provide online classes:

Wendy Sullivan & Judy Rees’s book:”Clean Language” – Revealing Metaphors & Opening Minds

Penny Tompkins, James Lawley have the most comprehensive website on “Clean Language” on the worldwide web. They made David Grove famous in the coaching, consulting, and HR community:

“THE EMOTIONAL HOSTAGE”By Cameron-Bandler, Leslie/ Lebeau, Michael. This is a premier book on how emotions are constructed and how they direct our lives.

“Resolving Traumatic Memories: Metaphors and Symbols in Psychotherapy” by David Grove & B I Panzer Recommend for Therapists Only


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