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The Client That Opened My Eyes

In 1985, thirteen year old Lucinda changed my beliefs on what is possible in a therapy session. I had been doing therapy for less than a year. Are your expectations affecting your clients expectations?

This video is 12 minutes long. It is partly features the 1985 session and the followup interview 13 years later, in 1998.

In one session she change her negative self concept. In addition, she was able, in that session and with a five minute follow up phone conversation, able to go from seeing out of one eye to seeing simultaneously out of both eyes. She also healed her lazy eye so it worked simultaneously with her “good” eye. She also changed from being an introverted person to an extroverted person. Watch the video!

Lucinda was legally blind and had an uncontrolled left eye that she could only see out of if she covered her other eye. She had recent laser surgery on her “good” right eye. She wanted me to help her see out of both eyes, and without thinking I agreed to her request!

Luckily, I had an observant secretary. A few days before this session I had purchased a Sony BetaMax video camera. Who would believe me if I  hadn’t recorded this on video tape? Who would believe Lucinda? Notice what happens when I asked her if she told anyone about her changes.

I always asked permission from my clients before videotaping a session for my personal training and supervision. Only once did I record a session without the client’s permission:

Just by asking a few simple “clean language questions” to your clients, the unusual can happen before your own eyes. Not always, but more often than not.

During the past thirty-nine plus years,  I have assisted over ten clients regain vision in one of their eyes and well over twenty traumatized clients (frozen in time) regain their peripheral vision in both eyes. See the nearby postings (#) with Jay and Nancy.

What is “Clean Language”? See the posting:

As therapists, we hold immense power—the power to change lives, to open eyes, and to facilitate healing. Lucinda’s story remains etched in my memory, a reminder that every client brings the potential for transformation.



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