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# “Nancy – Healing 6 Years of Sexual Abuse & Restoring Vision in One Session – 3 month followup

I have been using “Clean Language” interventions that were developed by David Grove and co-developer Cei Davies Linn for over thirty- one years.

Unfortunately, this very eloquent modality has not received the attention it deserves in the therapy community.

This might be helpful:  what-is-clean-language-therapy/

In 1994, Nancy was my first client that I used David Grove’s “Clean Language” model, “Healing The Wounded Child Within”. Even though I was incompetent in the modality, Nancy was able to heal her C-PTSD in that one hour session.

Nancy had been molested by her father beginning when she was 2 years old and it lasted until she was 8 years old.

In this 8 minute followup audio interview with Nancy 90 days after our one hour session, She talks about how frightened she was driving to see me before her session. She went from having a short focal vision and tunnel vision before the session to normal distance vision with normal peripheral vision. She had been frozen in time both emotionally and physically (her eyes). She had to updated her eye glass prescriptions three times in 1994.

Around 2008, I started doing a revised intervention that I believe is kinder to the child within. I call it, “Back to the Future”. What Nancy experienced in 1994 with David’s procedure was truly transformative; however, I was finding that some of my highly traumatized clients were fragmenting and it was taking me hours to reintegrate their fragmented self back together again (just like in the nursery rhyme, “ Humpty Dumpty”).

When your clients say, “I’m really scattered today, or “I’m all over the place” tells you that they fragment when they are stressed.

Rather than me continue to try explain this procedure, listen to the intervention link below I did with a four year old child (within a sixty-four year old man) that was experiencing anxiety and panic attacks: back-to-the-future-part-1-healing-anxiety-panic-attacks/


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