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Just What Is “Peace”?

In 1988, I attended  a five-day advanced Ericksonian hypnosis workshop in New Orleans. One morning we were asked to get into groups of three and to use both hands on the body of the client to push up and down to synchronize with the client’s breathing. I ended up with a group that already had three, so my group now had four people and I became the first to be the client.

I was asked what would I like to get from my trance? I thought for a few seconds and stated, “the most relaxed state in my life”. As I sat in a chair I had their hands on my head, shoulders, and knees pushing down by matching my exhaling.

A few minutes later, the therapists lead me into a most relaxed state in my life and I wondered where was I ? It was dark, like I was in warm water floating with a sense of complete wellbeing and then I noticed something I had seen as a kid many times when I would shine a flashlight through the skin of my hand. I was seeing a light through my mother’s skin! I was a fetus and I must be seeing light through my mother’s skin as she passed a lamp. I was in “Peace”.

When I came out of trance and told my group my experience they were probably in disbelief as you are reading this; however, I read an article in 2019, titled “ Babies in the Womb may see more than we thought”. The article shows that babies in the womb can see light after six months. A more recent article titled, “Consciousness in the cradle: on the emergence of infant experience” proposes that infants before birth experience consciousness:

Time has solidified my belief: ‘Peace’ is an innate human experience, predating birth, and it’s not just a memory we yearn for – it’s an unconscious obsession.

Without past or future, the fetus basks in the ‘Now’, a state untouched by time. This ‘Peace’ is known by many names across cultures and faiths – Nirvana, bliss, enlightenment, salvation, liberation, unity with the cosmos. It’s a universal, subconscious recognition.

“Peace” is the most powerful resource state to use in a therapy intervention. That why I used this state of being in my favorite intervention:

Despite life’s pursuits – wealth, fame, love, power – the ultimate desire remains: to reclaim the pre-birth serenity, the pure ‘Now’ we once knew.


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