A Simple Technique that Can Improve the Quality of Your Life

The title is true. First I have to explain the two (2) most important perceptual positions in which we experience the world.

1st Position: being in our body, seeing what we see now/or what we saw then through our own eyes, hearing what we hear through our ears, and feeling what we feel now/or felt in the past. If it is a memory it is like it is happening now in that you feel the same feelings you felt then, with all of the smells, sounds, and maybe even the temperature of the air.

Observer Position: Is seeing yourself from a distance. You viewpoint could be a few inches outside body or you could be many feet way from your self. This observer position could be in the now or past. In the past you will be outside of your body seeing yourself. The feelings are the feelings you feel about the event in the past. In the now you are seeing yourself maybe with very little feeling. If you have ever bowled you will remember seeing yourself when you plan on where you are going to place the ball on the alley floor. Then you go into 1st position and walk up to the spot and throw the ball. If you stay in observer you will be very clumsy. This is a great position for painful medical procedures, stressful situations, or in a terrifying experience.

The best way to relive pleasant experiences is in the 1st position. The best way to experience Now is in 1st position if there isn’t physical pain or ongoing stress.

The best way to relive unpleasant experiences is in the observer position at least 10 feet away from yourself, eye level, and just feeling your observer feelings. If you are feeling the unpleasant feelings that you experienced then, you need to move further back or imagine pulling a plexiglass screen between you the observer and the younger you in order to get neutral observer feelings.

People that spend all of their life in an observer position are people that were traumatized as a child and are always  in their heads without much body awareness. A dull life of always seeing yourself. This is Mr. Spock of “Star Trek”. Also never use the observer position on a pleasant memory that you had with a deceased loved one. It will cause you to feel the terrible loss feeling (grief) rather than the good feelings you had at the time.

When I do an intervention with people that have traumatic memories, after I do the intervention I always test to make sure they see the memory in the observer position, because almost all traumatic memories are in 1st position. Bob Jefferson gives an excellent description of this experience after I worked with him on a work related trauma on his followup interview.

If you live your life in 1st position except for the bad experiences and you disassociated the bad experiences into your observer position, you will setting yourself up for happiness. Don’t you wish someone had taught you this in kindergarten?

Bob’s interview after doing the NLP Trauma/Phobia Cure:

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