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Healing eczema all over body using the “Placebo Procedure”


I received this email below in December 2023, on a client’s use of the “Placebo Procedure”. It only takes a few minutes to do this procedure. Watch the other 3 posts on the power of placebos to heal the MindBody.

“I had a pretty bad case of eczema all over my body last summer (2023). A dermatologist prescribed me potent corticosteroids, which I didn’t use as I preferred to heal without pharmaceutical drugs. I have suffered the horrible effects of topical steroid withdrawal in the past, and have done a lot of research on it as well. In my experience, these drugs do not heal eczema, but only suppress symptoms. The eczema may not be visible as long as you use the corticosteroids, only to come back with a vengeance when you stop. Or the eczema may disappear, only to be replaced by rheumatoid arthritis or some other illness. I believe that true healing addresses the root cause of the dis-ease.

On September 17th, Clint shared with me his post at well as the next two posts. I read all three, watched the embedded videos and listened to the audio, while visualizing. I felt a tingling sensation while moving the want-to-heal image to the location of the automatically-healed image.

The next day there was a big improvement. My skin simply felt healed. The patches looked more white than red and got smaller. Over the next days, crusts and scabs came off. No more oozing, itching and swelling.

About 3 weeks later, when my skin was about 90% healed, I did the following exercises suggested by Clint: “Look at one area where there is eczema and an area close by that is healthy looking skin. Then look at the eczema area and say to yourself 3-5 times, ‘Make this look like this, thank you.’ If the eczema is on a part of your body that has another same part that is clear, ‘Would (name clear part) be interested in helping —— to heal?'” And again, I felt an improvement in the healing process.

The skin needed several weeks to regenerate fully, which I’ve read is normal. And when I ate certain foods like tofu, I would get a tiny spot again, but it’s not itchy and it disappears after a week or so.

Apart from that, the eczema is totally gone.

I also made a few lifestyle changes at around the same time. I took Vitamin D supplements (50,000 IU per day for a few weeks), did some sunbathing, had a tooth root canal cleaned with a Fotona laser (a tooth that was damaged in an accident when I was a child), stopped moisturizing, stopped showers and baths (only washed bits), used a Hamoni harmonizer (protection against EMF radiation), and so on. I kept an open mind, experimented, and kept a log of foods, supplements, moisturizers, baths, sleep, exercise, other health practices, emotions, spiritual practices, skin state, overall state etc.

I may not be able to isolate the effects of the placebo exercise from the effects of the other things I did. But there was a marked difference from the day I did the placebo visualization to the next day.

Thanks, Clint, for sharing free healing resources and for all the work that you do! Fiona”

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