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How To Make Your Own Placebo

I am assuming you have read and watch the two previous placebo videos from my posts I don’t believe a placebo actually heals – rather it enhances a person’s own healing potential.

In 1990, I had an accident that shattered my right ankle. I used an abbreviated healing procedure that I had read about in the book titled, “Heart of the Mind” by Connirae and Steve Andreas. When I applied my placebo procedure the day after my surgery, I didn’t really have high hopes.

To my great surprise, two weeks after my surgery my orthopedic surgeon complained to me that I should have followed concerning his orders to get my stitches removed. I told him that I was told to make an appointment two weeks after the surgery which I did. He first argued that that was impossible because it looked like the stitches had been in for well over a month. I told him, “look at my chart”!  He was still upset, but impressed, as he removed my stitches individually with a tweezer.

I am going to teach you a procedure on how to boost your immune system in helping heal a current medical condition (an illness or injury). Remember to use all of the resources of modern medicine.

The purpose of this procedure is to change your brain’s coding on how you unconsciously code the difference between something you know that automatically heals, and something you want to heal ( assuming you are not sure if it is coded to automatically heal). 

A “placebo” is a belief. It is a mindset and it can be positive or negative belief. Beliefs are all powerful. If you believed that the medicine you are taking will heal your condition or you believe a cut on your hand will heal automatically after you clean the wound, the chances are more likely both will heal than if you had disbeliefs.

But the placebo effect has a dark side, too — a sort of negative placebo effect called the nocebo effect. It’s what happens when you’re given a sugar pill, are told it’s a drug that has terrible side effects, then start to exhibit those symptoms. The nocebo effect can also occur when a doctor tells you a surgery or procedure could have negative results: Just knowing the risks could negatively impact your recovery… all because of the power of suggestion.

Over the years I have used these procedures for clients, coworkers, and I have offered it to friends to heal either before and after their modern medical care services.

This is the same procedure that I used for Brian to heal a third degree burn without scarring on his left hand.

I made a PDF with 7 steps and a 3 minute audio of this procedure. I also made a submodalities checklist (changing small parts of our visual sense). You will use this when comparing what you want healed in your mind’s eye and what you know automatically heals. The first step is to select the illness or injury you want to automatically heal.


An Outline on How to Make Your Own Placebos

1. Now that you know what you want to heal, what would your evidence be for you to know after this is healed? Would it be a feeling or a look?

2. Think of something similar to the injury or illness you want to heal. Remember this similar experience in your history where your body automatically healed something on its own. Pick something that you know no matter what you do it will heal automatically without a medical intervention like a cold, a cut, a scrape, or a sprain.

3. Think of this automatic healing experience as if it were happening now. Now in your mind’s eye notice the picture of the selected that automatically heals. If it was a cut imagine or pretend it just happened.

4. Now notice in space this picture, it’s size, brightness, distance from you (location in space), is it in B&W or in color, is it framed? Write this information down. If you have trouble visualizing, just pretend.

5. Now make a picture in your mind’s eye what you want healed. Notice it’s size, brightness, distance from you, is it in B&W or in color, it’s contrast, is it framed? Write it down.

6. Next what we want to do is change the main characteristics of the issue you want to heal to the characteristics of the automatically healed. Put the picture of the want to heal in the location in space that the automatically healed occupied. Notice did the size, color, brightness, or contrast changed? If not make these changes of the other modalities of the issue you want healed to the automatically healed one. This is a very important step for you mind!

7. Now pretended you are at the beginning of your life with this knowledge of changing something from not automatically healing to creating a boost to the immune system by making these modality changes to the coding in your brain, to something that automatically heals. Then come through time with this knowledge through all of your experiences to now and notice any bodily feelings or visual changes to your body.

8. After doing the procedure you can check the next day to see if the placebo is in place, if not do it again. Most people after doing the process successfully have a tingling in their body that last for a few seconds to a minute or so.

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