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*Dynamic Spin Procedure

By using the Dynamic Spin technique, you can free yourself from negative thinking or self-criticism. You can also reduce or eliminate any physical discomfort, self-doubt, or emotional barrier that prevents you from achieving your goals in a short time. The best way to test this technique is to apply it yourself and observe the results scientifically.

Steve Andreas gives a 4 minute demonstration of the Spin Procedure on anxiety:

Be sure to watch the video and follow the instructions by first working on a mildly unpleasant emotional feeling to test its effectiveness before using it on a trauma!

1. Think about something you want to change.

2. Notice the physical sensations and/or visual images associated with the problem or issue, and determine where you feel it in your body or sense it outside of your body when you think it.

3. Pull the problem/issue away from you, and see it floating out in front of you at least 3 feet (a meter) away in the form of an image or symbol.

4. Determine which way the image is spinning. Is it spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise? If it appears motionless then ask, If it were spinning, which direction would it be spinning in?

5. Reverse the direction of the spin, and get it going faster and faster until it disappears and a new healing image; symbol or gift appears in the space out in front of you.

6. Identify the positive message from the gift, and how it is meaningful to you.

7. Send the gift out on an adventure to find another hidden gift or message. When it comes back note any additional transformation and positive communication from the gift.

8. Bring the the gift back into your body and notice all of your new feelings and understandings.

9. This process can be repeated as many times as you deem as necessary.

10. Now consider your goal and/or desired state. The pathway to achieving it should be easier.

The Spin Procedure was developed by Richard Bandler, Chris & Tim Hallbom, and Steve Andreas (1935-2018).


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