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How to Blowup a Unpleasant Memory

If you have a bad memory that has become a habitual distraction in your thinking this (2) two minute audio will make a difference. The difference will be you will be able to experience this memory in a different way. This visual memory will change in its emotional intensity and it will become fuzzy or hazy. First you have to take a few precautions:

1. If the memory is important for legal reasons such as testifying in a legal proceeding, you should avoid using this procedure.

2. Before you blow up this memory, make sure you keep the learnings from this experience. All experiences have learnings no matter what the experience.

3. Use this procedure on a mildly unpleasant memory. Using a scale of 1-10 with 10 most intense, use this procedure only if the memory is rated by you to be an 8 or below.

4. If this is a “Traumatic” memory,  use the procedures in my post below titled:


5. Find a safe place where you can focus without being interrupted for 5 minutes and listen to this  2 minute audio:

After doing the procedure use the  intensity scale again. What is the new number? It is not cheating to do it again one or two more times to lower the intensity even lower.



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