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#”Back to the Future” 3 Year Old Heals Her Night Terrors -with A 2 Year Follow Up Interview

To better understand this client session with a three year old, see the Part 1  post on this subject. Both clients had their younger selves “frozen in time”. What does that mean? Our psyche protects us by stopping the worst moments of a traumatic event from happening to protect our psychological being. This stopping/freezing the moment can happen a few seconds before or even minutes before the worst moment of the trauma. In a dream when you are falling – what happens before you hit the ground? You wake up! In the future I will write a complete post on this psychological phenomena.

This sixty-nine year old woman had been occasionally experiencing “Night Terrors” for over sixty years. On two occasions she had to visit an ER thinking that she might have suffered a heart attack. Night terrors can be dangerous because of the stress it puts upon the heart. It is estimated that over two percent of adults experience night terrors and they are not the same as nightmares. Night terrors are seldom remembered; whereas, nightmares many times are. I believe they are caused by unresolved traumas from childhood.

The magic of Clean Language is that it allows the client to go back in time even when they do not consciously remember the event that caused the terror – in this case a 3 year old.This is accomplished without re-traumatizing the client. This is the 5 minute audio of the intervention:

My client furnished these pictures. Mo is this boy doll and the dog is also a doll. She has owned both dolls since she was 2 years old. I did a two year follow up and she reported no night terrors or bad dreams (see 2 minute audio below).

My Client

2 Year Follow Up Interview:


Why people forget:



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