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*Self BrainSpotting

BrainSpotting is a therapeutic tool to heal traumas and to desensitize unwanted emotional states.

BrainSpotting was developed over twenty years ago by David Grand, PhD. Ten of thousands of therapists around the world have been trained in this modality.

David Grand’s 3 minute video:

There are many excellent YouTube videos on this subject. This 11 minute instructional YouTube video was produced by Matthew Healey, a highly qualified therapist in France.

Instructions – Watch the video first 

1. Choose a mildly distressing event that you want to process (e.g., feeling anxious about an upcoming interview, feeling upset after a heated interaction with a loved one, etc.).

On a scale from 1 to 10 where 1 is not distressing at all, and 10 is overwhelmingly distressing a 4 or 5 should be your aim here.

2. As you reflect on the event, notice where your eyes go. That is your brainspot.

If you find it difficult to naturally find the brainspot related to the event, try finding more deliberately. Start with center and notice how you feel then move to the right, then to the left and notice where your pain intensifies.

Then move your eyes up and down and notice where the pain intensifies. That is your brainspot.

3. Allow your gaze to linger in that direction while noticing any thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensation that might arise until the emotional charge related to the distressing event dissipates.

You may also use a pointer or just use your finger to help you focus on your brainspot.

For events that are too distressing, consider connecting with a therapist that is qualified in BrainSpotting to help you process the more distressing emotional states.

If you want to find a certified Brainspotter, you can access this directory:

Matt Healey’s site is:


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