Do We Remember Everything? Maybe!

Thirty- five years ago a client asked me if it were possible to recover memories of her mother before the age of four. Her mother died of pneumonia when my client was four years old. My client didn’t have any conscious memories of her mother other than her mother’s funeral. She told me that in the first four years of her life her grandmother raised her. Her mother was attending and living on a college campus over 130 miles away and only came home during semester breaks.

The first thing we did was use the NLP Trauma/Phobia Procedure (Rewind Procedure) on the funeral. Her memories opened up and we were able to use an imaginary film strip to find quality time memories in first person with her mother beginning shortly after the client was born. She was able to speed up the movie when there wasn’t quality time. The client even remembered her dreams! After spending over three hours with her in this this session, she was able to recover all of the  important memories (in first person) with her mother. I was amazed!

The client phoned me a few weeks later. She stated that she always had a fear of death. She realized that because of her past behaviors her two kids were also fearful of  death. She was changing her behaviors to allow more fun in their lives.

Today most of my client sessions are with adults that I regress in time to the origin of any emotional state that is problematic in their lives. See :

The video below is an Australian ”60 Minutes“ program on people that remember “consciously” everything. Is it possible that we have similar untapped abilities?

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