Do We Remember Everything? Maybe!

Three and a half decades ago, a client approached me with a question: could she retrieve memories of her mother from before she was four years old? She had lost her mother to pneumonia at that tender age and retained no conscious recollection of her, save for the funeral. She recounted how her grandmother was her primary caregiver during those early years, as her mother was a college student over 130 miles away, only returning home during academic breaks.

Our initial step involved applying a technique known as “The NLP Trauma/Phobia Procedure (Rewind Procedure or RTM)” to the memory of the funeral. This process unlocked her memories, and through the visualization of an imaginary film strip, we navigated to moments of meaningful interaction with her mother, starting from shortly after her birth. The client could fast-forward through periods lacking in quality time and astonishingly, she even recollected her dreams! After an intensive three-hour session, she succeeded in reclaiming all significant first-person memories of her mother. The outcome was astounding.

A few weeks post-session, the client reached out, revealing a lifelong fear of death, a sentiment inadvertently passed down to her children. Recognizing the impact of her behavior, she committed to fostering a more joyous atmosphere for her family.

Today most of my client sessions are with adults that I regress in time to the origin of any emotional state that is problematic in their lives. See :

The 2 videos below are about people that can remember “consciously” everything. Is it possible that we have similar untapped abilities?

A Canadian 18 year old girl with this ability in this 23 minute video

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