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#Jay’s Recovery and the Power of Clean Language Therapy: A Four-Year Retrospective

In 1999, I revisited Jay’s remarkable recovery journey in a follow-up video. Jay had suffered a severe car accident on August 1, 1995, which resulted in the loss of vision in his left eye. His eye was not only bloodshot and locked in position, but he also grappled with intense anger and PTSD symptoms for over six months post-accident. It was after a single 30-minute session with me, half a year later, that Jay experienced a profound transformation.

At that time, I balanced my roles as a part-time psychotherapist and a full-time FAA radar air traffic controller, with Jay being a colleague of mine.

The session employed “Clean Language,” a therapeutic approach that facilitated Jay’s sudden regain of sight, the release of his eye’s fixed position, and the resolution of his PTSD-related anger. By the next day, his eye had cleared up completely.

“Clean Language” involves a series of straightforward questions that enabled Jay to break free from the grip of his traumatic memories. For more information on “Clean Language,” visit:

Our search for meaning is intrinsic. When Jay was struck by the garbage truck, he was instantly overwhelmed by the fear of impending death, a feeling he hadn’t encountered since the death of his childhood friend to cancer. The unresolved anger from that loss resurfaced with the accident’s impact and lingered until our session, where he found peace, possibly reconciling with her memory.

After over three decades of practicing David Grove’s “Clean Language” therapy, it’s disheartening to see its rarity in therapeutic practice. This elegant method has the potential to facilitate profound MindBody healing, especially when clients are open to change.

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