*Healing a Third Degree Burn With a Placebo – 6 year followup

Hypnosis has been used in a few hospitals for over sixty years to help patients heal burns.


Doctors still give sugar pills (placebos) to their patients. What is new is we know how to make the structure of a placebo (belief).

In 1992, I did a “placebo procedure” with Brian on a day shift in the radar approach control room at Houston, Texas (I was an part time psychotherapist and a full time air traffic control there until 2004).

Brian had an accident a ten days before in which he sustained a third degree burn on his left hand. Brian had changed his bandages on his left hand that morning and his hand was waxy white in color because of limited blood flow to the epidermis and dermis. Brian also told me that he was experiencing throbbing pain from this 3rd degree burn.

I used an abbreviated “placebo procedure” with Brian that was in the book, “Heart of the Mind” by Connirae & Steve Andreas. There is a chapter dealing with automatic healing  titled, “Engaging Your Body’s Natural Ability to Heal”.

We did the placebo healing procedure and this 9 minute video has the rest of the story:

By reading in order the other two post below will give you more information on placebos and  teach you how to create your own placebo.




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