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How to Change a Behavior Using the “Swish”

I am going to show you how to change a habit or a behavior with a powerful pattern called the “Swish Pattern”. The behavioral change will take place at your identity level – Do you smoke (behavior) are you a smoker (identity)?

Do you want to change a habit or behavior?

Watch this 2 minute video by Sam Visnic. It will give you ideas on doing the Swish Pattern on yourself and the written instructions will give you additional guidance for a successful identity and behavior change.

1. Pick the behavior you want to change and ask this question to yourself: by doing this behavior what is positive intention of this behavior? By keeping this positive intention would it be OK to have a different behavior?

2. If there is a hesitation or a negative response, ask if it would be OK just to test this new behavior for a week and if is satisfactory then, to make it permanent? Note: you are going to have to trust your unconscious because your conscious mind will not know what the new behaviors are, only your new identity.

3. After identifying the cue image of the behavior you want to change, elicit a desired self-image of the new  you of the future where this behavior is no longer an issue.

4.This “new resourceful you image”should be like a 3-D portrait head shot image without a context and in a neutral background. In other words see this more capable self of yourself standing, with a bright in color image of yourself looking confident, but not doing a behavior , and in a very generalized neutral background.

5.  Here is help with the swish:

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