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# Healing Depression & Disassociation Using Clean Language – 16 Year Follow Up

This is my second posting with follow ups on healing “Depression” with “Clean Language”. The first posting was using Clean Language on Metaphors to heal depression (see the link at bottom of page) will give you a better understanding of the intervention.

Could it be that 99 % of our emotional states are created in our childhood and those includes  “Depression”? In my opinion, other than drugged states (cocaine, alcohol, heroin, fentanyl, etc) the answer to my above question would usually be “Yes”.

In 2006, 42 year old Elizabeth on the east coast of the USA phoned me for an in-person therapy session. A week later she flew to Houston and we did a one hour session on her major depression and disassociation.

Before Elizabeth’s session she didn’t remember the traumatic memory that caused her disassociation and major depression. During the session she recovered the memory. The traumatic memory took place when she was 3 years old. Her parents were physically fighting. She was frozen in time to stop the worst moment in the trauma from happening.

We were able to successfully use the David Grove’s,  “Healing the Wounded Child Within” intervention. Today I would have used my 2009 modified “ Back to the Future” intervention just to avoid having the client consciously remembering the trauma.

Below is the unrehearsed 16 year followup that I  recorded in July, 2022. It is 4 minutes long:

All emotions have an origin. Heal the memory that created the emotion and it cannot be re-experienced  the same way ever again.


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