# Panic Attacks Misdiagnosed As Asthma Attacks


This intervention shows the power of “Clean Language Therapy” healing a middle age woman’s panic attacks in one 25 minutes therapy session.


Asthma is a serious condition that can cause death. Stress may cause asthma or acerbate the condition. Many times doctors misdiagnose panic attacks to be  asthma attacks (See the differences at the bottom of this post).

Over twenty/five years ago, my client was experiencing anxiety, because she was unable to physically exert herself for fear of a full blown asthma attack. These full blown misdiagnosed asthma attacks either put her in the ER for treatments or in the hospital for a 4 day stay or longer.

You will find that it took many years in the combining of her emotional states to created the chemistry for a full blown panic attack. We are amazing creatures!

The 25 minute session is divided into 2 parts:

1. 19 minutes on eliciting her emotional state and the “Clean Language” metaphor intervention:

2. 6 minutes on the testing of the intervention:

This is a 2 month followup that is 3 minutes long:

I called again 5 years later. She had been misdiagnosed with asthma and she no longer experiences panic attacks.

My client agreed to the making and releasing of these recordings to the therapy community.

Panic/Anxiety Attack vs Asthma Attack

If you feel calm, tired, or worn-out, then it’s probably an asthma attack. How you feel during the attack is crucial to identifying whether it’s an asthma attack or anxiety attack.

The second way to tell the difference between anxiety and asthma attacks is your reaction to medication. Just as anxiety medicine won’t work on asthma, asthma medicine won’t work on anxiety. Take your medication and watch your reaction. Whichever medication helps is the one that identifies the culprit.


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