Each of us has a way of storing time . Have you have heard, “why don’t you put this behind you and get on with your life?” or “I look forward to seeing you”? The first statement is telling us that this person’s past is behind the plane of their eyes and the second person’s statement means the person’s future in front of the plane of the eyes. You are also going to find where your “Now” is located. Get a piece of paper and a pen and on the paper draw a small 2” circle with how you
would see the head from above with a nose that you added like the picture below.

I am going to ask you some questions so that you can find out have your timeline is constructed.

“In Time”:

“Through Time”:

A timeline rearrangement will have a great affect on your personality, so you have to use caution when rearranging your timeline.

If you are “in time” and you are often late to work or meetings, repeat mistakes over and over again, and you just can’t get your future in order. Maybe a change to “through time” might help. Imagine your past timeline is on a pivot like a clock minute hand and you can move your past to your front left and have your future directly in front. Imagine what it would be like to have your future in front with your past in front to the left like a V. Write this down on a piece of paper the change and test it for a few days, then re-evaluate. You can make the change back as before,or make it only for periods like off time when you want to enjoy now. Give careful thought before you make any permanent changes to your timeline!

If you are always stressed by being “through time” because either you have a lot of traumatic memories or you just want to be in now more often you can imagine your timeline past is on a pivot like a watch hand and move your past behind the plane of your eyes. Just imagine what it would be like if your timeline was arranged this way. Write down on the same piece of paper the change and test it for a few days, then re-evaluate. Make the change back as before, make it only during certain time periods (like on days you do your job), but whatever you do give careful consideration to what this will do to you by not having two references of time!

This also can also make another major change in your timeline. Notice in the future how far away is a day, a week, a month, and a year are from now. If you always feel pressured because of time you might experiment by moving these time frames further away, but not too far or you won’t get anything done. Those that can’t imagine seeing a month or a year from now might experiment by bring a year from now 20 feet away from now and let the other time frames (months, weeks, days) fill into now. Mark your changes on the piece of paper so you remember any changes you made. Remember to give careful thought by testing the changes for a few days before making any permanent changes to your timeline!

Years ago I worked with an nineteen year old girl that was starting junior college and was always a C & D student. She was working part time at Macy’s and had recently received a Letter of Warning for being late twice on her afternoon shift. She was “in time” and she changed to “through time” on her workdays at Macy’s and her college days. When she wanted to enjoy now , she reverted back to “in time”. A year later she won a USA Today Newspaper scholarship to Texas Tech where she graduated with honors and also received her Masters in Computer Graphics Design. For a number of years she was the product manager for Microsoft.

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