Using “Flash” To Heal Traumatic Memories

About six years ago psychotherapist and EMDR trainer Philip Manfield developed a new trauma procedure that he calls, “The Flash Technique” (FT). This procedure can be easily learned and does not require a person to consciously engage with the traumatic memory. This allows a person to process traumatic memories without feeling distress.

This a Big Deal !  If you are a trained therapist, you can use “Flash” as an extra tool for your toolbox and teach it to your clients so they can use it between sessions.

I have researched FT on the web and found psychotherapist Thomas Zimmerman’s website. I  attended Thomas excellent online course. Thomas has his own unique way of simplifying the “Flash” process. I have successfully used the “Flash” procedure on myself and several clients.

Learn by watching Thomas’s YouTube videos below:

An actual “Flash” session:

Below is a recent (May 2023) free 3 hour training on 4 Blinks. There are 14 YouTube videos:




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