*NLP Trauma/Phobia Cure PTSD Cure – 10 Year Follow Up

I have found this procedure to be a very effective cure for PTSD traumatic flashbacks. It also works well on simple phobias and visual intrusive memories. This procedure is also named, “The Rewind Procedure “ and the  “Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories (RTM)”.

Caution: Do not use on depression!

This was a ten year video followup on a with an air traffic controller that had a work event that caused his PTSD. The followup interview was in 1999 and the near collision between two jet airliners took place in 1989 at Houston.

Back then I was a part-time psychotherapist and a full-time air traffic controller. I am also a licensed pilot. Five years after this incident, I codeveloped the Federal Aviation Administration’s Critical Incident Stress Management Program for air traffic controllers.

Brian’s symptoms for 9 months were high blood pressure, visual flashbacks, feeling inadequate, and problems sleeping. After doing this 5 minute procedure, no follow up interventions were necessary. He passed his FAA physical with flying colors.

This procedure should first be used on a mildly unpleasant memory to test if the procedure works for you. I am going to guide you through the technique just as I did with Brian. Make sure you are in a safe place without distractions when listening to the audio.

Be sure to watch the video and follow the instructions by first working on a mildly unpleasant emotional feeling to test its effectiveness!

This 5 minute audio is for the mildly unpleasant event:

This 4 minute audio is for the trauma or phobia event:

 I have used this procedure with more than 300 clients since 1984 with PTSD symptoms and with clients with a simple phobia. It is effective over the telephone, in person, or virtually with clients with the most horrendous experiences.

This procedure has had many studies over the past 40+ years. It works! In the past I have wondered why the Veterans Administration has not used this modality. Maybe the procedure is too effective! This is a link to two of the numerous studies:




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