*Lucinda Heals Lazy Eye and Self Concept- 13 year followup

Lucinda changed my mind on what is possible in an hour therapy session:

I saw fourteen year old Lucinda in 1985, for a self esteem issue that later turned to a physical/emotional issue she wanted to address.

This was the first time I videotaped a therapy session. She was legally blind, had an uncontrolled left lazy eye, and could only see out her right eye. She had monocular vision. She wanted me to help her see!

Just by asking a few simple questions to your clients, the unusual can happen before your eyes!

This 1998 video is a 13-year followup interview on the 1985 session. It is 12 minutes long:

During the past thirty-seven plus years I have helped over 10 clients regain vision in one of their eyes or regain their peripheral vision in both eyes. See the next two post above with Jay & Nancy.


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