# Jay’s Blindness & PTSD Gone in One Session-4 year followup

In 1999 I did a four year video followup with Jay. In August of 1996 Jay had been in a horrendous vehicle accident that left him blind in his left eye. His eye was bloodshot in a fixed position towards his nose. He was also experiencing anger and rage -the effects of PTSD from the accident. I had one session with Jay six months after his accident.

I was a part-time psychotherapist at the time and full time FAA radar air traffic controller. Jay was my coworker.

During the 30 minute “Clean Language” session Jay’s got his vision back, his fixed eye became unstuck, he resolved his PTSD anger/rage, and the following morning his eye was no longer bloodshot! We were both amazed!

I just used simple “Clean Language” questions with Jay and he was able to get unfrozen from two traumatic memories. It was that simple! See: https://clintmatheny.com/what-is-clean-language-therapy/

We are creatures of meaning. When Jay was hit by the garbage truck he thought in a split second that he was about to die. This reference experience of death was a 10 year old girl friend that died with cancer. Jay was enraged over her death and the rage emotion was what he was experiencing for 6 months after the accident. Jay resolved this trauma in the cloud. Jay had been frozen in time!

What is amazing to me after 29 years of using David Grove’s therapeutic model is that “Clean Language” therapy isn’t the number one therapeutic trauma procedure in use. Hopefully in 50 years it will be and it will be followed by EMDR and Flash.


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