*Jay’s Blindness & PTSD Gone in One Session-4 year followup

In 1998, I did a 4 year followup after we worked together 6 months after an vehicle accident that left Jay blind in his left eye. His eye was bloodshot in a fixed position next to his nose. He was also experiencing anger and rage -the effects of PTSD from the accident. During a 30 minutes session Jay’s got his vision back, his fixed eye became unstuck, he resolved his anger/rage, and the following morning his eye was no longer bloodshot!

We are creatures of meaning. When Jay was hit by the garbage truck he thought in a split second that he was about to die. This reference experience of death was a 10 year old girl friend that died with cancer. Jay was enraged over her death and the rage emotion was what he was experiencing for 6 months. Jay was frozen in time!


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