Emotions – Choices or Illusions? Dealing with PTSD & Phobias

How You Can Heal Your PTSD or Phobia 

We are our emotions and we are always in an emotional state. This has been proven by thousands of MRIs over the past twenty years. Being detached and rational is an emotional state. Our emotions control our behaviors and sometimes we are able to break the emotional state and control our behavior, but sometimes the emotional state is so intense or comes about so quickly that the behavior following is beyond our control. An example: People that have a bee phobia will most of time panic and scream when they hear or see bees. Our society and religions tell us that we have choices (free will) on the way we respond to situations. Tell that to the person with the bee phobia. Tell a military person with PTSD they have choices. Tell that to people that went through a physically or sexually abused traumatic childhood that are having a PTSD moment to remain calm. Tell that to a person with claustrophobia having a panic attack in an elevator! Choices are illusions when people are experiencing highly charged emotions.

Fortunately over the past 30 years great strides have been made in the effective treatment of phobias, PTSD, and other intense emotional states without medications. Unfortunately many therapists are not trained on these up-to-date procedures. There are over 800 different therapies practiced in the US and over 400,000 therapists practicing. Psychotherapy is not a science – it is an art. This makes people seeking help “roll the dice” to find effective help. Most without insurance or other financial resources will take prescription drugs, illegal drugs, or alcohol to cope with their debilitating emotions. Yes, there are psychological conditions where drugs are required to maintain a stable emotional state for the client, so they can be receptive to these effective treatments.

I believe old “talk therapies ” like psychoanalysis and so called “flooding therapies ” are a waste of time/money and are many times harmful to the client having to relive their traumas. I witnessed a jet crash in 1973 in which I knew the pilots and I suffered for twelve years with flashbacks. I saw four different therapists and I believe they hurt me more than helped me. In 1984, I discovered the “NLP Trauma/Phobia Cure” in a therapy workshop. After doing the procedure, it stopped my flashbacks. 

I made this blog to help those without the financial resources for therapy and for therapists looking for improved ways to treat their clients. I am going to list five (5) effective treatment procedures for these traumatic emotions I have written about. They are not in order of my preference and if you do a procedure that doesn’t work, experience the others. That is called choice. It would be very unusual for all five to be ineffective. If the very unusual happens, contact me at:  clint77090(at)gmail.com

On numbers 1 & 2 it might be helpful to have a friend help guide you. Be sure to follow the instructions by first working on a mildly unpleasant emotional feeling to test its effectiveness!

1. *Eye Movement Integration Procedure PTSD.
2. *Dynamic Spin Procedure
3. *NLP Trauma/Phobia Cure PTSD
4.  EMDR Self Administered
5. How Your Brain Works 🧠


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