*David Grove’s Clean Language Questions-One Month Followup on PTSD

In 1993 a therapist friend told that she had attended a 3 day workshop called “Healing the Wounded Child Within” by David Grove a New Zealander. She told me that we were using similar language patterns and that she had purchased his materials (workbook & cassette tapes) and wanted to know if was interested in borrowing them. I studied the materials and was able to talk to David on four occasions. I used David’s materials when I worked with Nancy. It wasn’t until 1999 did David’s “Clean Language“ got the attention it deserved and it happened in the UK. David’s untimely death occurred in 2008.

Many of my clients are surprised by these unusual clean language questions as is this woman that had been experiencing fear daily for over twenty years. This woman experienced a trauma when her father committed suicide by shooting himself with a shotgun in an adjoining room. For over twenty years she was experiencing PTSD with symptoms of fear and always being hyper vigilant. She had to always sleep facing a doorway and she had to have security look under her car before she could enter it after work at the hospital she was employed. The session lasted for less than thirty minutes and I used “clean language“ as an intervention so she could successfully resolve her trauma and PTSD symptoms. This is a 90 second followup interview:

There are nine basic Clean Language questions that can help you clarify the speaker’s meaning when they use a metaphor:

And is there anything else about ..X..?
And what kind of … is that …?
And where is …?
And whereabouts?
And what happens next?
And then what happens?
And what happens just before …?
And where could … come from?
And that’s … like what?

I believe that interviewers, coaches, therapists, and business consultants will greatly improve their communication skills by letting their clients take the responsibility of solving their desired outcomes by using this communication model. This model goes beyond basic NLP and I have been using it for interventions for the past twenty-seven years.

See “Recommended Books & Links” for more information on “Clean Language” and the two “Back to the Future” interventions post above.


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