*Healing of a Severe Asthmatic Response in a 25 Minute Session With “Clean Language” – 5 year followup

Asthma is a serious condition that can cause death. Stress may cause asthma or acerbate the condition. See the 3 minute video below by the Department of Medicine at the University of Wisconsin :

This 25 minute session below was with a woman that was diagnosed as an asthmatic by many medical doctors.

She was unable to physically exert herself for fear of a full blown asthma attack. These full blown asthma attacks either put her in the ER for treatments or in the hospital for a 4 day stay or longer.

You will find that it took years in the combining of her emotional states to created the chemistry for a full blown asthmatic attack.We are amazing creatures!

The 25 minute session is divided into 2 parts:

1. 19 minutes on eliciting her emotional state and the “Clean Language” metaphor intervention:

2. 6 minutes on the testing of the intervention:

This is a 2 month follow up that is 3 minutes long:

I called again 5 years later and she was fine.

My client agreed to the making and releasing of these recordings to the therapy community.



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