How I Cured My PTSD

I witnessed a fatal airplane crash on May 30 , 1972, at the Greater Southwest Airport (GSW). I flew with the three pilots the day before for three hours on this aircraft as they prepared for an upgrade checkride by the FAA for captain.The following day they and a FAA inspector all died in an explosive fireball on the runway. I was outside of the control tower and witnessed the Delta DC-9 get into wake turbulence by following too closely behind a jumbo jet (DC-10). The DC-9 cartwheeled down the runway with me experiencing the visual, the sounds, the temperature of the blast, the blast concussion when it exploded into a fireball over a thousand feet into the air. I am sure I went into shock and less than ten minutes later l was asked by a supervisor to relieve the controller in the radar room that had worked these aircraft.

For over twelve years I suffered from the effects of PTSD. I did seek mental help from five different therapists and they were unhelpful. I couldn’t let anyone know, because I was afraid of losing my FAA Class 2 physical and  my job as a controller. I sometimes experienced flashbacks almost daily from this accident until 1984 when I attended a therapy workshop in Houston. I volunteered to be the demonstration subject for this NLP Trauma/Phobia Cure procedure that took less than ten minutes-thereafter no flashbacks! Of the three other air traffic controllers that witnessed this crash only one lived past age 60. The other two lost their medical certificates, were medically retired, and took drugs until their untimely deaths in their fifties.

I have used this procedure in person and over the telephone with more than 200 people over the past thirty-six years. I have never had an unsuccessful client session with a client experiencing flashbacks. One time just before getting off at work and having a doctors appointment, I gave a handout of this procedure along with a videotape of me doing this procedure with another person to the wife of a coworker. She was having to drive her husband to work because he was afraid to drive. He had witnessed a fatal car accident a week before and he was doing flashbacks of holding a dying man in his arms. He was physically unconsciously trying to wipe the blood off his hands a week after the accident. That night they watched the video together and she did a successful intervention just by slowly reading aloud the procedure handout that I posted on this blog. She probably saved him years of therapy! If I hadn’t attended that workshop in Houston, I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be writing about this today.

Around the same time period a brilliant therapist/teacher, Steve Andreas (1935-2018) recorded a therapy session with a lady using this procedure to cure her phobia to bees. Steve did a followup interview twenty-five years later with her. More on Steve later..

Thirty-six years later, I still find amazing and disappointing is that less than 20 % of practicing therapists are familiar or have ever hear of the NLP Trauma/Phobia Cure. Most military veterans at VA outpatient clinics and VA hospitals that are suffering from PTSD “flashbacks” have never experienced this procedure, because the American Psychological  Association still is in the mindset that therapy is a science. Before an “Evidence-Based Therapy” is accepted, a scientific study has to be made and this has never been done on this procedure; therefore, it is not a scientifically acceptable procedure after successfully being used for more than thirty-six years on many thousands of people worldwide. In reality, psychotherapy is not a science. It is an art with a therapists practicing with other human beings!

Steve for many years tried to get the attention of the mainstream therapy community of this simple, but wonderful life saving procedure, called the “NLP Trauma/Phobia Cure”. This is the YouTube video of the Psychotherapy Network Symposium where Steve was a presenter in 2014. Steve appropriately titled this 20 minute video, “Therapy Isn’t Brain Science “.

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