# “2 Medical Healings Using “Clean Language” – 4 year followup

This video has a follow up interview on Deborah’s two “metaphor”sessions with me. During the first session in 1995 Deborah’s Esophagitis, Spastic Colon (IBS), and Gastritis was healed. I wasn’t aware of her medical conditions at the time of the session. Below is a 4 year follow up video of this session.

In Deborah’s first session with me in 1995 we did her Imperative Self Analysis (ISA) and a metaphor intervention with “Clean Language”. Her Imperative Self map was the cause of her stress and her medical issues. When Deborah was a young girl, she lived on a fruit farm in south Texas. There was a highly charged emotional event around age five that created her Imperative Self. She had a metaphorical melon in her stomach that was moved outside of her body during the intervention.

In the session four years later, Deborah worked on her PMS. Symptoms were nausea, severe headaches, and general body achiness. This is a four month followup.

The word meaning in a Clean Language therapy context, “ Metaphor” is a container of information. All of our emotional feelings are metaphors. Some examples: “I have a dark cloud over my head, my head is spinning like a merry go round, I have a lump in my throat, I go blank all the time, I’m in a fog”, Etc. To get a better idea of metaphors, listen to the actual intervention in the previous post.

This is a 7 minute video. Turn up the volume. Sorry for the noise on this 21 year old VHS video tape transfer.


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